Good Brain Coffee Inc. is a product of The Elijah Rock Foundation Inc., a newly established non-profit organization based in Boise, ID. Our mission is to advance dementia research through Music, Science, and Technology. 100% of the proceeds go to expanding brain health awareness. Thank you for your support!


We've set up some plans to make it easy for you to have fresh roasted coffee each month!



Light Roast

Smooth Symthony

A light roast that composes a delicate and harmonious coffee experience. With each sip, you'll be transported to a gentle morning overture, where notes of citrus and floral undertones dance gracefully on your palate. This blend is a soothing melody for your senses, inviting you to start your day with a refreshing and smooth tune.

Medium Dark Roast

Bossa Nova

Bossa Nova is a coffee that resonates with the lively rhythms of Brazil. This medium-dark roast is a passionate and sultry blend that strikes a balance between the boldness of dark chocolate and the sweet, nutty notes of caramel. Sipping Bossa Nova is like a sensual dance, inviting you to join in on its smooth and seductive groove.

Medium Roast

Jazzy Java

Your ticket to a lively and upbeat coffee experience. This medium roast is a symphony of flavors, with hints of toasted almonds, a touch of citrus, and a smooth caramel finish. It's a jazzy performance in your cup, offering an energizing rhythm to your day that will keep you in step with the world.

Dark Roast

Staccato Forte 

An intense and bold dark roast that brings the power of coffee to the forefront. It's a coffee that demands your attention with its robust, full-bodied character. As you savor each sip, you'll encounter deep, smoky notes with a touch of roasted nuts and a powerful finish. It's the espresso of the coffee world, delivering a crescendo of flavor.

Decaf Medium roast

Rhapsody Roast

A masterpiece of flavor without the jolt of caffeine. This decaffeinated medium-dark blend is a rich composition of smooth, roasted coffee beans and a symphony of cocoa and toasted spices. It's the perfect choice for those who desire the full-bodied experience of coffee without the caffeine-induced crescendo, providing a mellower, soothing melody.

Wood Roasted

Serenade Supreme

A coffee born of tradition and craft, wood roasted to perfection. With every sip, you'll be serenaded by deep, smoky notes and the earthy aroma of the roasting process. This unique coffee blend offers a rustic, comforting serenade that warms your soul and transports you to the heart of coffee culture.


Research has unveiled the extraordinary potential of a humble cup of coffee. It goes beyond awakening your mind; it ignites your passion for a profound cause. Enter Good Brain Coffee, the brainchild of Eric and Lesley Myricks, Co-Founders of The Elijah Rock Foundation Inc., a charitable organization with the goal to advance dementia research through Arts, Science and Technology...



Eric and Lesley Myricks launched Good Brain Coffee as an initiative of The Elijah Rock Foundation Inc. to further dementia research and promote awareness around brain health and wellness.



Our premium coffee is more than just a beverage—it's an opportunity to orchestrate change. Through a strategic collaboration with the esteemed coffee roaster Caffé D’arte, our exclusive coffee supplier, we are proud to present a meticulously curated selection of known for expertise and quality. Caffé D’arte is one of few roasters devoted to the art of the “post-blending” technique. Each single origin coffee is profiled and roasted separately to extract the origin’s unique flavor. 

Today, Caffe D’arte provides not only distinctive coffees roasted in the style of the various regions of Italy but also the warmth and uniqueness of traditional Italian culture.